Woodturning tuition in London

I have been turning wood for many years now, and offer woodturning tuition in London at very reasonable cost. Woodturning can be an absorbing hobby. But if you try to learn without guidance you will make lots of mistakes along the way. You may get there in the end, but life’s too short for that approach.
I work with complete beginners, as well as people with some experience. Lessons are usually one-to-one. I offer an introduction to bowl making for those who are drawn to the craft. This is usually a half day session, and makes a great ‘experience’ gift. It will give you an insight into woodturning, and you will use the tools to make your own unique bowl. Woodturning tuition in London is convenient for people who might not want to travel further afield.
My longer courses, in half or full day sessions, aim to give a thorough grounding in the subject. They are a foundation for further development. We will cover health and safety issues, tool sharpening and use, and timber selection and preparation. If required, I can advise on equipment purchase. You will normally begin by making a bowl to get a feel for how the tools are used. You will then go on to spindle turning, covering the use of spindle gouges and the skew chisel. I can’t make you a skilled turner, that takes long practice. But I can get you off to a good start. You can return to your own workshop and build on what you have learned.
Sessions are very informal and flexible, so you can work at your own pace. I am happy to tailor the lessons to your own requirements. Let me know if you have any particular issues that you would like to cover. Starting and finishing times are flexible, and lessons can be on any day of the week.
To find out more, call me on 020 8361 5391.