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You can enroll on a bowlmaking class for two people here.

The class provides excellent value. The fee includes true one-to-one tuition for two people, and you will each complete a beautiful bowl to take away. Tea and biscuits and a light lunch (usually bread and cheese etc) are provided. You will share the lathe and tools, taking turns to complete each step of the bowl-making process before moving on to the next stage.

If you want to give someone else the experience of making their own bowl, I can email you a gift voucher to print and present to them.


One to one classes can be very flexible, so I don’t have a set schedule for them. They are arranged to suit you. After payment, just contact me by phone or email to suggest some dates that would work for you. You can do that immediately, or leave it till later if you wish, though if you need a specific date it is best to arrange it early. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about the class or the booking.

The booking is valid indefinitely. If your class has to be cancelled for any reason the cost can be refunded.

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35 reviews for Book a Bowlmaking Class for Two

  1. Sian

    We had the best day turning bowls with Terry! From start to finish Terry guided us through the process with so much care, knowledge and patience. We learned so much, had a lot of fun, and came away with two beautiful bowls. Would highly recommend this course!

  2. Giles

    I had a wonderful day with my long time buddy learning how to turn wood from Terry.

    Terry is a real expert and showed endless patience helping us perfect bowls to be proud of. The day was so well organized and we made great progress without feeling under pressure. The techniques can be challenging at first, but Terry got us relaxed and much more competent. His teaching style helped us understand the processes of wood turning with safety in mind and allowing use to create a unique result.

    It made for a fun and fulfilling day.

  3. Anna Foix Romero (verified owner)

    First of all, thank you very much Terry for a wonderful day.

    We got a class for two during which Terry explained all we needed to know without being overwhelming and got us a hands-on experience early on, making the explanation come to life as they were given. He made us feel welcome from the very beginning and always was happy to answer all of our questions throughout the day.

    Terry took great care to warn us about potential hazards but without making us feel constrained in what we were able to do with our piece. He was letting us make our own choices and was still able to intervene as his help was needed.

    Beyond the lovely bowls we’ve turned with his help, we come home with one of our nicest experiences and a strong desire to turn more pieces in the future.

  4. Will

    Terry’s one day bowl turning course for two made a great gift and a brilliant day. Terry is an expert turner and teacher and the day was a pleasure. We left with two beautiful bowls. The course is challenging enough to be rewarding but approachable enough for a total beginner. We would thoroughly recommend.

  5. Jane and Lia (verified owner)

    We had a fabulous day with Terry and each produced a beautiful turned wooden bowl to take home. Terry is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. He guided us through every step of the process and we learnt a great deal. Thank you so much Terry!

  6. Adrian

    Me and my daughter (who bought this course as a 60th birthday present) had a great day with Terry and came away with two very professional looking bowls.

    Terry was good company and a very good teacher and would highly recommend the course.

  7. Dick Chapman (verified owner)

    My son and I had a fantastic day in “the shed” on our bowl making day and thanks to Terry for providing the enthusiasm, expertise and patience to help us both achieve unbelievably great results.
    Thanks Terry for a great day

  8. Neil OConnor (verified owner)

    Had a fantastic day with Terry who was very passionate about his job. My father in law & I had a full days lesson and made two lovely bowls .

  9. Dick Chapman (verified owner)

    My son, Nick and I enjoyed a fantastic day with Terry making our first mulberry bowls!
    Thank you Terry, for your patience, enthusiasm and encouragement and helping us achieve the impossible!

  10. Denise & Jon

    We had such a fantastic day with Terry! He is a really calm and thorough teacher – we both felt very safe in his hands. We are absolutely delighted with our bowls and can’t quite believe how beautifully they’ve turned out. We would thoroughly recommend Terry’s class.

  11. Ruth

    Absolutely fantastic class. I was bought this as a present and we both loved it! Terry is an excellent teacher and takes you carefully through everything.
    I had so much fun, it’s definitely pushed me to look into doing more.

    Thank you

  12. Lizzie and Simon (verified owner)

    We had a very happy and productive two person wood turning day with Terry and learned so much from him. He is a thorough and meticulous teacher who is endlessly patient, explains every stage clearly, and ensures that every step in the making of your bowl is done by you – the bowl you make will truly be yours. I loved the hands on experience of turning my bowl on the lathe, enjoyed watching my partner working his bowl, and was thrilled with the end results – mine in elm, the other in oak. Terry’s workshop is fascinating, full of a lifetime of tools, bowls and wood – there is plenty to look at and explore while you wait your turn at the lathe. We had a simple lunch in his pretty garden in the sunshine and emerged happy, dusty and proud of ourselves at the end of the session. Well worth doing, a lovely day with a true craftsman. Thank you Terry.

  13. Vanessa (verified owner)

    My husband and I recently attended a ‘Bowl Making Day for Two’. (Feb’22)
    Neither of us have any experience but we came away with 2 beautiful bowls that we are extremely proud of. Terry was an amazing tutor who patiently took us through the process step by step, giving us plenty of time on the lathe to fine tune our newly acquired knowledge. I would highly recommend the experience.

  14. Matthew Butler

    Just did this a couple of days ago with my dad, I really would recommend this to anyone with even a slight interest.

    Terry was extremely patient with our slow work and constant questions and we finished with two very high quality bowls that we are both very proud of.

    I was impressed with the quality Terry managed to get us to accomplish from two very novice turners

  15. Geoffrey Points (verified owner)

    My Son and I had a great day each turning an impressive professional looking bowl all to the expert friendly tuition from Terry.

  16. Rachael Murdoch

    We had an amazing day doing the beginners wood turning class with Terry. We had no experience and ended up with a set of lovely bowls which we are very proud of. Terry was so knowledgable and patient guiding us throughout the class and let us do everything that was involved. The set up is great with all the tools and kit you would ever need! Would recommend as an activity or as a great experience gift, throughly enjoyed our day.

  17. Imogen (verified owner)

    My partner and I attended this class, we had an excellent day . Terry is a brilliant teacher and extremely patient, he carefully explained each step and took the time to answer our many questions. We came away with two beautiful bowls, and were surprised we had managed to get such results with no previous experience. Thanks to Terry for a brilliant day, I would highly recommend this course.

  18. Fiona

    My daughter and I had a joint class with Terry in May 2019. It was excellent. He was patient, friendly and helpful and we each came away with a beautiful bowl

  19. Ailsa

    I bought a one day wood turning class for my husband and I for his birthday present and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Terry informed us at the beginning of the day we would come away with two bowls that would be high quality and this was definitely the case. We took turns on the lathe using different tools and techniques to craft our bowls from teak and cherry and love the results. Will definitely come back to the craft at some point in the future.

  20. Robin (verified owner)

    My daughter and I took part in the one day bowl making course for two. It was a great introduction to the craft and a highly enjoyable day. Terry has expert knowledge and takes you through the process, stage by stage at the right pace in a relaxed and friendly way. Taking turns at each stage, by the end of the day we had bowls to be proud of, one in Ash and one Cherry, both finished to an impressively high standard. We highly recommend Terry’s class.

  21. Ed

    It was a fun and informative day. Terry is clearly very knowledgeable about his subject and a good teacher. I ended up with a very nice bowl and I’m keen to have another go at wood turning in the future.

  22. David

    I was given an introduction to wood turning for a Birthday present by my daughter. Thank you to Terry for such an interesting, challenging and fulfilling day, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and came away with two quite different and professional looking bowls (works of art) which are impressing all our friends. Terry is a massively experienced wood turner but still patient and thorough explaining all stages of the process including the necessary safety aspects working with a large and very impressive lathe. The bowls were totally our own work, but Terry made sure our work was up to spec by following our progress and offering gentle hints and tips as we worked. The day went so fast that I could do it all again.

    (This review was uploaded by Terry on David’s behalf)

  23. Liz Black (verified owner)

    We had a brilliant day making bowls with Terry. Terry’s a great teacher and he really took time with us to make sure our bowls turned out beautifully. It was a wonderful experience, highly recommended!

  24. Mat

    My partner and I took a wood turning class with Terry last Sunday and had an amazing time. At the beginning of the day, Terry told us we would come away two beautiful bowls and an understanding of how to turn wood safely – all while having a fun and relaxing day in the shop. I can attest that the aims of the day were all fully met and we are thoroughly enjoying how the bowls that we made turned out. I would highly recommend attending Terry’s class.

  25. David McNaughton

    A really great day, neither of us had any experience in wood turning but with Terry’s excellent and very patient coaching we were able to walk away with two beautiful bowls. Terry has the patience of a saint and is a great coach, I would recommend this course to anyone.

  26. Deniz (verified owner)

    I booked this class as a birthday present for my partner. We had no prior experience working with a lathe. We both had great time making a beautiful bowl each. Terry is an excellent teacher. He is very knowledgeable, patient and attentive. He doesn’t only give the essential information about how to make a bowl, he also encourages you to customize it and make it your own. Overall, I highly suggest this class whether you are an enthusiast or just want to try something new.

  27. Lothar

    After having just bought my first lathe and with little experience in woodturning I was ready for some basic instructions when I found Terry’s homepage. – I couldn’t have made a better decision than to book this great one day workshop for two together with my friend from London.
    Terry is an excellent teacher, and gives you all of the information and shows you everything you need to be able to turn a small bowl safely and efficiently. Besides taking home a nice little mahagony bowl I have returned to my own lathe with a good basis for practicing the right things. – Thank you Terry for your kindness and for sharing your expertise!
    Lothar (Fulda, Germany)

  28. Fiona (verified owner)

    My partner and I had a brilliant day with Terry. The time simply flew by as we were just enjoying ourselves so much. Terry’s patience and good humour were both very much appreciated and we were astounded by the quality of the bowls we were able to produce – each one unique to our own preferences, right from type of wood, through to style and finishes. Terry has inspired us to try more wood turning.

  29. Dan & Henrietta

    My partner and I attended one of Terry’s classes and had a wonderful day. Terry is an excellent teacher and was extremely thorough in explaining to us how and why each process was done. He was very patient and gave us plenty of chance to practice and make our bowls better. The end product was brilliant and we can stop admiring our handiwork that have been given pride of place in our kitchen!

  30. Laura Phillips (verified owner)

    We had a really lovely day and are very proud of our beautiful bowls.

    Terry clearly loves what he does and his enthusiasm is infectious. Booking was straightforward and the materials, tools and equipment were all top notch. Terry’s demonstrations and explanations were clear and unhurried, and he guided us through each step with patience and humour. We both particularly enjoyed the fact that he let us do absolutely everything ourselves (even when it must have been very frustrating not to leap in and help) and Terry’s wealth of knowledge about wood and woodworking. The two gorgeous cats were an unexpected bonus! Thank you Terry!

  31. Martin (verified owner)

    I went with my son and we each made a bowl which we were really happy to show off to friends and family. Terry took the time through to explain exactly how to do each stage of making a bowl and enabling us to do every stage ourselves. This took all day to complete, but at no stage did Terry rush the process. The wood for each bowl was good quality hard wood, mine Oak, my sons Mahogany…but Terry gave us lots of choices for the wooden blank. We have never done anything like this before, but with Terry’s careful guidance/patience we both completed bowls which we were proud of. I would thoroughly recommend this course.

  32. Stef and Erica (verified owner)

    Excellent day enjoyed by me and my girlfriend. Terry is a very good teacher, clear and concise, explaining exactly why and how to carry out each task and how to do so safely. Both of us had a most rewarding experience and came away with bowls to be proud of. Highly recommended

  33. Ray Coulthard

    We had a great day with Terry. He is very patient, knowledgeable and thorough. Instructs you for each step but then steps back and let’s you do it so the beautiful finished bowl you walk away with is entirely your own work. Such a satisfying process. Very proud of my bowl!! Would really recommend it. Thanks Terry

  34. Anthony (verified owner)

    My friend and I had such an enjoyable time on this course. Terry is a knowledgeable, personable and patient tutor. With great skill he guided us both through the process of turning bowls we were proud of. Learning in a pair allowed us both not only to gain hands-on experience, but also to observe each other. We felt this was highly beneficial in learning the craft. Thank you again Terry. Highly recommended!

  35. James

    I have now been on this class twice, once with my father for his Christmas present and just again now with my partner. Both classes have been amazing and on both occasions the two of us came away with an amazing bowl. I went back because I had so much fun learning how to turn a bowl after spending way too much of my time on YouTube watching others make various projects. I would highly recommend this class as Terry is very professional and takes as much time needed to explain clearly each stage and the various reasons for each step aswell as steering you clear of making any mistakes. He is very polite and a calm teacher.

    Thanks for both sessions I am sure I will be back soon for more lessons.

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