Wooden bowls

Taking a break amid the shavings

I make wooden bowls for sale. The bowls you see here aren’t the anonymous product of some factory. I make each one personally by hand in my own studio.

Why buy one of my bowls? If you are the kind of person who appreciates the work of a skilled craftsman, let me tell you about  what I do… 

The wood they are made from doesn’t come from a timber merchant. I normally work with logs from fallen trees, seeking out ones that are suitable for bowl making. I assess each log before cutting it so I can make the best that it can yield. Most of my bowls are rough turned on the lathe while still fresh, then put aside for many months to season. When ready, they go back on the lathe for a second time to be finish turned. Some I turn to their final shape while the wood is still full of sap. These are my green-turned bowls.

I shape each bowl with sharp hand tools as it spins on the lathe. Each is a one-off. I carefully refine the shape and surface of the bowl until it is ready for coat after coat of finishing oil. After waiting for the finish to cure, I buff the bowl to a soft sheen. Each finished bowl represents my many years of learning and practice in the art and craft of woodturning.

A bowl reveals the beauty of wood better than any other shape. Bowls supplement traditional or contemporary decor in any home. But a bowl is not just decorative, it’s always useful around the house. Small bowls can hold food, such as peanuts or sweets for sharing. They can hold keys and change, or those odds and ends that you never know what to do with. Larger ones can hold fruit or salad. Or they can just sit on a shelf  or table where they can be seen as art objects. They are always welcome, and make great gifts.

A spalted sycamore bowl

Every piece of wood is different, and the challenge of getting the best from it is something I enjoy. No two of my wooden bowls for sale are ever alike, so when one is sold, there won’t be another quite the same. It may be the beauty of their grain and colour that appeal, or their elegant and practical shapes. I hope you enjoy giving them as much as I enjoy making them!

Roughing out bowls makes a lot of mess!

Fruit bowls

Most bowls here that are big enough can be used to hold fruit. I normally state the external diameter of each bowl, from which you can see the depth. When choosing a fruit bowl, look at its shape to be sure it will be stable.

Bowls for other food

I use the most attractive timber I can find when making wooden bowls for sale. Sometimes it has natural features that make a bowl unsuitable for moist food. For this purpose, the inner surface of any bowl should be free of significant natural defects. Wooden bowls with burr figure, retained bark or heavy spalting could be fine for fruit or other dry food, but may not stand up well to frequent washing.

Almost any  of my wooden bowls for sale could be used for nuts or wrapped sweets.

Yew and laburnum are colourful timbers that make beautiful bowls, but their seeds are toxic. Although the food-safe finish I use seals the surface of the wood, these timbers are perhaps not advisable for use in contact with moist food.

Salad bowls

If you entertain a lot, or have a large family, a big salad bowl is a useful thing. But if you are catering for just two or three people, or bringing different salad recipes to the table, smaller ones are useful too. Wooden salad bowls are attractive and good to use, but do need looking after. Here is some information about wood care.

Handmade salad bowls are great decorative items in their own right, good for dressing a table or display on a kitchen shelf. They look even better when holding a nice fresh salad! They make great gifts.

“Thank you for sending my mulberry bowl. I am very pleased with the choice. The wood and patterning is beautiful and the craftsmanship stunning. It will make a fab key holding bowl (the purpose planned) at the centre of the table as we enter the house. It will become part of our home forever more.” Karen

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Showing 1–48 of 68 results