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You can enroll on a woodturning class for one person here. The class provides excellent value. No previous experience is necessary, and as the only student, you will benefit from true one-to-one tuition. You will be able to work at your own pace to complete a beautiful wooden bowl to take away. Light refreshments are provided. Check the reviews here to see what people say about these classes! Go to my tuition page for further information and more reviews.


One to one classes can be very flexible, so there is no set schedule. They are arranged to suit you. After payment, just contact me by phone or email to suggest some dates that would work for you. You can do that immediately, or leave it till later if you wish, though if you need a specific date it is best to arrange it early. I shall send you some course notes, but don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about the class or the booking.

Woodturning class gift voucher

If you want to give someone else the experience of making their own bowl, I can email you a gift voucher to print and present to them. I am happy for a partner to come along to offer encouragement and admiration as the turner works, and to help eat the biscuits. There is no extra charge for people not actually taking the class. If you want to bring a second person to take part in the class and make a bowl, please book a class for two people. 

The booking is valid indefinitely. If your class has to be cancelled for any reason, it can be rescheduled or the cost can be refunded.

51 reviews for Book a Woodturning Class for One – Make your own wooden bowl

  1. Robert Page

    An excellent introduction to the art of wood turning. Terry is a natural, knowledgeable teacher with an easy going nature which immediately puts one at ease. A fantastic way to spend an afternoon, highly recommended to anyone wanting to try turning.
    I’m so please with my bowl, I can’t believe I was able to produce such a gorgeous piece of work.

  2. Kathleen (verified owner)

    An excellent afternoon with a very knowledgeable and patient Terry! Definitely convinced me this is a hobby I’d like to take on – not sure my own work will be as successful as the beautiful bowl I produced under his tuition but I’m going to give it a try. A work shop you can only envy, he’s really set up for a safe and productive day of wood turning. Thanks very much!

  3. Jason Evans

    Had a fantastic afternoon learning how to turn a bowl. Terry is a brilliant teacher, patient and calm, he guides you without doing it for you, letting you find your way with the tools yourself. I would thoroughly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in getting into turning or just fancies learning something new.

  4. Joel Clark

    This was a very enjoyable and unique class – a 40th birthday present. Terry is an absolute expert in this field who quietly and patiently guides you through the process from start to finish, allowing you to take the lead and do all of the practical turning. Having never done anything like this before, I really enjoyed it and was particularly chuffed with the beautiful oak bowl I produced. Many thanks Terry.

  5. David

    I thoroughly enjoyed my one to one with Terry. He is an excellent teacher and very patient. This was a birthday present from my wife. I could not have asked for a better teacher.
    I came away with a very lovely bowl I had made . I did not think I was capable of producing something like this, but under Terry`s watchful eye and constant practical advice I managed it . All this has encouraged me to take woodturning up as a hobby. Thank you Terry !

  6. Chazz

    Just finished a 1 day bowl turning class with Terry. Honestly couldn’t recommend it more 🙂
    Terry was super knowledgable, very patient and helped me create a beautiful wooden bowl! Really loved it 🙂

  7. andrew lee (verified owner)

    A very productive and enjoyable way to spend a wet and rainy Saturday afternoon! As a complete novice with anew lathe I was slightly sceptical of Terry’s optimism that I would end the day with a bowl to be proud of – he was not wrong ! I was so enthused I returned home and turned a very respectable mushroom ! Terry’s instructional style is very low key with just the right level of instructional and practical input which allowed me to complete most of the bowl myself. Very empowering. Will be back for sharpening class!!

  8. Peter Howe

    A great day – many thanks.
    The bowl exceeded my expectations, and the spindle carving will be very useful, once I’ve put in enough practice.
    The day has really encouraged me to explore carving more.

  9. Paul (verified owner)

    I enjoyed a great afternoon with Terry learning about woodturning and then learning to make my own bowl. Terry was the most patient tutor and gave me instruction while allowing me to craft the bowl myself. At the end of the afternoon I had a beautiful elm bowl, which has been much admired.
    It was great to be able to learn from someone with so much experience about woodturning, equipment and tool sharpening.
    I would thoroughly recommend the one to one course for anyone interested, and it makes a great gift to give to others (or yourself). Thanks Terry!

  10. Lorrie (verified owner)

    I had a lovely afternoon last Monday. Terry was very patient with this very nervous pupil, and I was absolutely delighted with my bowl, which was far far better than I could have imagined, and has to be admired by all visitors. When I manage to actually get some tools I will be signing up for the sharpening class. Thanks Terry

  11. Jen

    I had a very enjoyable day with Terry, he was incredibly patient and clear with his guidance and so generous with his knowledge. He gave me a lot of room to make my own mistakes and to learn as I went. For me it was the perfect balance of practice, explanation and learning by doing over the course of the day. I am really pleased with the bowl I made! And it was really useful to learn the spindle work as well, to practice the motions and get to know the tools a bit better.

  12. Lucinda

    This was a really great experience, given to me as a Christmas gift. Terry is a skilful teacher, patient, calm and encouraging. It was amazing to be able to produce a bowl that I was proud of at the first attempt. I loved watching the natural patterns of the wood emerge and evolve as the shape of the bowl developed. Thank you Terry!

  13. Carl

    I had a wonderful day with Terry creating a beautiful elm bowl. Terry was patient, considered, and deeply, deeply knowledgeable.

    This was a toe in the water of wood turning; it was clear that mastery of the required skills is the work of a lifetime. That made it all the more impressive that Terry was able to guide a complete novice through the process, and help me create something I’m really proud of.

    Thanks Terry!

  14. Derek

    What a fantastic afternoon. Terry is very informative and a very patient teacher. I really enjoyed turning my bowl. I’m very proud of it, though I can barely believe I made it. All down to the close supervision of Terry. Highly recommended. I want to do it again now. Thank you Terry.

  15. Jules

    Terry was a very good tutor – he explained everything clearly, both the practical and technical aspects.
    He clearly knows a lot, and whenever things went slightly awry he was there to explain both why it happened and how to continue. He also observes, and let’s you get on until you need his help again.
    And at the end, I had a lovely mulberry wooden bowl.

  16. Richard

    What an excellent way to spend an afternoon learning to turn wood and have something to show for it at the end. Terry is extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient.

  17. Tom

    Really enjoyed this course and I learned a lot. Thank you Terry.

  18. Terry

    I spent a wonderful few hours at Terry’s workshop where I learnt to turn a lump of Ash wood into a beautiful bowl
    It is already taking pride of place on our coffee table … with my wife’s approval!
    Terry has a unique style of teaching
    He explains every step of the process in fine detail, often drawing diagrams to clarify his points
    But he hardly uses the tools on the wood at all. He carefully demonstrates how to hold them, how to use them … but it was still me that made the first cut each time
    As he said to me afterwards … “It wouldn’t be your bowl if I did any of it”
    And he was right. I took home a piece I was genuinely proud of
    A great experience and one I would recommend to anybody
    (Uploaded for) Colin

  19. Boris (not that one)

    Thanks Terry for a fascinating afternoon. I’m very proud of my first bowl, it looks great. It’s a pleasure to meet a real craftsman, and it’s brilliant that you’re passing on some of your skills. I’d recommend the wood turning afternoon to anyone who enjoys a new challenge, and you get to walk away with a very professional looking product.

  20. Jonathon Stephen (verified owner)

    Excellent 1:1 afternoon spent as a complete novice with Terry. What a great experience it was. Started with zero knowledge or skill and was guided through the process of turning a block of plum wood into a gorgeous bowl. Brilliant teaching with endless knowledge shared broken down into a very clear structured process. Left with a real desire to learn more and a greater understanding and appreciation of the craft. Terry is a fantastic teacher – encouraging engaging and I now have a serious case of workshop envy 🤣. Thanks Terry!

  21. Trevor Levin-Martins

    Had a great day with Terry, started with a chat about wood turning and different types of wood. Then we got on to the turning, I have my own lathe at home and have been turning for about 18 months or so, I found Terry’s instructions very helpful, and there was no way I could have learned that on my own. One can only go so far with online teaching, you just cant beat hands on. Thank you Terry

  22. Andy

    What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon! I left the class with a beautiful bowl and a real appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship that goes into turning them. Utterly absorbing. Terry’s guidance was exceptionally clear and easy to follow. Highly recommended.

  23. Michael Nash

    Thank you for the lesson today. I had a great time and I’m very happy with the results. You explained everything really clearly and made it as easy as possible. It was good to have each step explained so clearly. I’m sure I’ll be back again!

  24. Dominic Scarlett

    What a great day. Terry is a fantastic thoughtful teacher with a wealth of experience and skill. His approach means that you do all the turning under his watchful eye and with gentle guidance I produced a cherry bowl, holly mushroom and spinning top! He has rekindled my desire to start turning again and I only wish I had the space to set up a workshop like his! Thank you.

  25. Roger Freeman

    Terry is a master wood turner of huge experience and a very patient, kind and good teacher. I am a complete novice, never having done any wood turning before and Terry was encouraging and actually got me to create a bowl. I even thought it was quite good until I got home and looked at one of Terry’s bowls and realised I have a long way to go but even so Terry made it possible for me to achieve something I really enjoyed doing and creating and I think it was a not bad first effort. Thanks Terry . I shall be back.

  26. Cathryn Mann (verified owner)

    I had a great afternoon with Terry, learning to turn a wooden bowl. Terry is extremely knowledgeable and patient, guiding you at each step to make a beautiful wooden bowl. I would highly recommend this course and look forward to using my new skills, in the very near future!

  27. Chris Hall

    What a fantastic afternoon. Terry is a brillian teacher and guides you smoothly through the whole process. Seeing a beautiful bowl at the end is so satisfying. Now just got to find the space to fit a lathe in at home. 😀

  28. Hawes Alex

    I’ve just finished a Woodturning class with Terry. As a moderately experienced hobby wood turner I Was hoping to learn where I was going wrong. This lesson did not disappoint. It was extremely informative and I learnt how to use the tools properly and create a really great Bowl. Thanks very much Terry. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn to turn correctly having hashed around for a few years trying to learn from YouTube!

  29. Stuart (verified owner)

    From a starting point of no experience, I had an fantastic afternoon learning the fundamentals of woodturning from Terry who is clearly an expert (and patient) teacher, and went home with a finished bowl that I am very proud of.

    I would recommend Terry and this course unreservedly to anyone wanting to experience first hand, a traditional craft requiring focus and dexterity with a physical outcome, rare in today’s increasingly virtual world!

  30. Josyane Gold

    I was given a wood turning class with Terry as an anniversary gift. I had been expressing an interest in wood turning for some time and this class was the most wonderful way to begin wood turning. I absolutely loved it. Terry is remarkably patient and precise in his instructions. He clearly has a great expertise but not everyone can teach – Terry is an excellent teacher. I felt completely supported and guided every step of the way and came home with a bowl that I am thrilled to bits with. This course definitely stimulated my interest in wood turning and I intend to pursue this. I thoroughly recommend this marvellous course with Terry.

  31. Phil

    A splendid and most enjoyable time being taught the rudiments of wood bowl turning by Terry who is an accomplished and wonderful teacher.
    It is not possible to pass on a lifetime’s experience in just an afternoon, but it is possible to communicate love and enthusiasm for the craft of wood turning, and a practised and careful approach to creating a round bowl from a square block. In addition to the turning there was lots of good advice on lathe purchase and general workshop practices (like sharp tools).
    I can start my new (retirement) hobby from a secure foundation having spent time with a master. I am on my way.

  32. Nathan Cook (verified owner)

    I had an amazing afternoon learning all about woodturning and walked away with a beautifully finished bowl. Terry is a patient and expert teacher with a wealth of knowledge that he has fine tuned to make this class an informative and enjoyable afternoon in the workshop. I would fully recommend this course!

  33. Jill Davies (verified owner)

    A chance encounter with a Youtube video sparked my curiosity about woodturning, as a result of which I’ve just come away from an extremely enjoyable afternoon’s lesson with Terry, a master of the craft.
    He really is the best of teachers—unflappable, extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and conveys his advice and instruction very clearly.
    It was thrilling to see an uncompromising square block of cherry wood become, under his gentle and patient guidance, a beautiful (if I say so myself!) little bowl which I shall cherish always.
    I can highly recommend one of Terry’s lessons. It was a greatly rewarding experience.

  34. nasreenjaulim (verified owner)

    Wonderful and rewarding afternoon for a complete beginner. Terry is a great teacher, knowledgeable and patient with quality equipment and good advice!

  35. Colin

    Had a highly enjoyable and informative afternoon turning a bowl from pear wood. I very much appreciated that Terry let me go through the entire process of producing the bowl from band-sawing the blank to applying the finish. I felt I was starting to be able to feel the sweet spot where the tools were working at their best, something that you can only get with a concentrated session of this length. He is an excellent teacher, giving all the information needed and gently correcting rather than taking over. I will certainly return for another of his classes. Highly recommended.

  36. Casimir Creer (verified owner)

    I made an amazing bowl with Terry. Took just over 4 hours and I made every cut. He’s a great teacher and I really enjoyed myself.

    The bowl looks so professional and as my first time I’m really pleased.

  37. Tim (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful afternoon with Terry trying my hand at wood turning for the first time and by the end of it I had, under his meticulous and patient guidance, turned my fist bowl. And I have to be honest the bowl is really very beautiful and something I would buy if I saw at a craft fair. It now sits proudly on my sideboard and is admired by all!
    Terry is a brilliant teacher, he communicates clearly with good and precise instructions, and lets you do all the work yourself, giving you clear guidance on how to correct small mistake sand avoid big ones.
    You learn so much in such a short space of time it is very rewarding.
    I would thoroughly recommend this experience for anybody who loves to work with their hands and the beauty of wood.
    I am hooked and will hopefully buy my own lathe one day!

  38. Nick

    As a total beginner I had a great day with Terry and ended the day with something you would recognize as a bowl. I would highly recommend one of his courses and will certainly go again.

  39. Jacques Mizan (verified owner)

    “I have just done a one to one bowl turning class with Terry. This was one of those unique experiences where you go in hoping to come away with something barely presentable and then come away with something simply stunning…and marvel at the fact that you did it ! Terry is a wonderful teacher. Patient, informative, and burning with infectious enthusiasm for the craft. Don’t hesitate – book the class and and set your world spinning (at 1500rpm!) “

  40. David

    I had a great introduction into wood turning and took away a great looking bowl. Terry was very patient, gave really good instructions and has a great setup. I look forward to taking these new skills forward and practice them myself.

  41. Eitan

    What a fun way to spend the afternoon! I had a great time and now I have a great bowl!

  42. Elliot (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this course. I had always been attracted to wood turning and I’m happy to report it was as fun and satisfying as I’d hoped it would be.

    Terry was very patient and an excellent teacher who was happy to answer the dozens of questions I had. Not only on the turning, but sourcing and preparing wood. He was very clear and really took me through the process well.

    I expected to be watching him for a lot of the time, but he ensures that all of the actual turning, sanding and finishing is done by the student.

    If you’re thinking about getting in to wood turning I highly recommend doing this course. Very good value for money.

    …And my bowl is great!

  43. Debbie

    A wonderful introduction to wood turning. Terry is an excellent teacher; calm, patient, generous and clear. Terry guided me through the process of crafting a quality bowl with just the right amount of explanation, encouragement and reassurance. I will definitely be recommending Terry’s classes, a fantastic experience in a well equipped workshop and a beautiful finished product to leave with. Terry’s expertise is reflected in the way he somehow enabled me to make a near perfect bowl! Many thanks,

  44. Graham Hall

    Time well spent!
    I have just been to Terry’s well equipped workshop on his ‘Introduction to Bowl Turning’ course. Having seen a woodturning demonstration at a craft fare and watched some YouTube videos I was keen to try some turning for myself. On the lookout for a new retirement hobby this was to help decide whether to invest in a small lathe and understand what other equipment would be required. The session with Terry was ideal as it was totally ‘hands on’ from selecting and mounting a bowl blank through deciding on shape, turning and finishing to ending up with an attractive Elm bowl. Terry’s instruction and guidance throughout was clear and informative so that I now have a much better idea of all the elements involved in this craft. I would certainly recommend one of these courses to a beginner and anyone looking to improve their woodturning skills.

  45. Deb Clark (verified owner)

    I am totally new to woodturning but Terry guided me through each and every step; discussing techniques and eventual outcomes; and allowing me (a total novice) to truly “own” my bowl. I had a lovely afternoon learning about something that has fascinated me from afar, and I am amazed that in that short time I was able to produce a beautiful oak bowl, of which, I am extremely proud! I would thoroughly recommend an afternoon with Terry. I doubt it is possible to find a better introduction to such a lovely craft.

  46. Paul Staden

    To start the afternoon with no experience and a slice of a tree then walk out a few hours later with a finished bowl was was fascinating and very satisfying – a great Christmas present from my wife. With Terry’s guidance you see a beautiful bowl (well I thought it was!) emerge over a few hours of patient tuition. I would recommend it to anyone.

  47. Shannon (verified owner)

    This is an amazing opportunity for one on one instruction in a shop with every tool you could possibly need for the craft. Terry is not only extremely knowledgeable, he is also passionate about woodturning as well as a great teacher. He encourages you to feel how things are progressing for yourself, so you end up with more confidence than you might have thought possible if woodturning was totally new to you. But most impressively, Terry guides you every step of the way to an amazing turned bowl. I can’t believe I made such a beautiful thing, but I did. I did. And it is an unforgetable memory and souvenir – as well as a thorough introduction to an amazing new craft.

  48. Don

    Fantastic throughly enjoy my afternoon session with Terry. Just got back from my session with Terry, very good instructor teacher i done a bit of woodturning in the past about 15-18 years ago and I was looking to get back to it needed to take some lesson or two to get my confidence back took a chance with Terry having came across is website and being base in London.
    I must say the best decision I’ve made , learn how to properly sharpen my tools with confidence, turning a bowl from start to finish without a catch out of this world fantastic, I would highly recommend Terry.
    Terry thank you again

  49. David Gold (verified owner)

    This was a long and intense day of bowl turning tuition. It was just what I needed and even more rewarding on a one to one basis. Terry was always very patient and willing to stop at anytime to explain each process and to allow me to take photographs.
    Its a skill that cannot be mastered in one day. A bit like learning to drive, the more you get into it the worse it gets, or so it seems at the time. So apart from practicing in the workshops at my school a return visit at some time is a must.
    Yes definitely value for money. Thank you.

  50. Phil Gamble

    Absolutely brilliant afternoon making my bowl. Having never tried turning before the expertise of a Terry on a one to one basis was incredible.
    I’m now hooked and wanting to get my own lathe as soon as possible, if anyone was thinking of giving wood turning a try or just to improve their ability I would highly recommend Terry.

  51. Tom

    Terry was an excellent teacher and patiently took me through turning a truly beautiful bowl in yew, with lovely figuring and defects in the block which resulted in an interesting turning experience and a finished piece full of character. He has excellent equipment and explained how to use a really wide variety of techniques, and barely touched the lathe himself, letting me do all the work under his experienced instructions. I found it a really rewarding afternoon, true craftsmanship and delicious biscuits.

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