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Woodturner Terry Vaughan
Terry Vaughan at the lathe

Welcome to my website! My name is Terry Vaughan, and I live and work in North London, between Finchley and Barnet. Please scroll down this page for my contact details to enquire about my work or turning classes.

I’ve turned wood for well over 40 years, and now that I have retired from my day job I find it’s taking up more of my time. My workshop studio is filled with ever-accumulating shavings, timber, part-finished bowls and the tools I need for my work. First among them is my Titan lathe, with which I make everything from large bowls to the little wooden mice that are some of my most popular products.

I hope you find what you are looking for here, whether you want to buy a wooden bowl, read about them, or you just want information about turning.

I made my first wooden bowl in a woodwork class at school. It was a long time ago, but I still have it. It was made of mahogany, and each of us in the class took our turn on the lathes to scrape and sandpaper our bowls into shape. Mine was a shallow dish, good enough to hold some nuts.

Years later, I built my first woodturning lathe out of scrap steel, and with it made my second bowl from a bit of elm. I still have that one too. I keep nails in it, and every time I see it, it reminds me just how bad a wooden bowl can be! Later, with a better lathe and more experience, I began to make better bowls, until I started selling them. Making for sale develops technical skills, and also improve the turner’s ‘eye’. Now I sell my work on this website.

I particularly enjoy making bowls, because each one is different, and an opportunity to use beautiful timber. But I also like the relaxing routine of  repetitive production turning, provided the batches aren’t too big! In addition to the pieces for sale here, I make stands for facsimile globes. My customer for these makes most of the actual globes.

I’ve learned from other turners whose work has impressed and inspired me. But I am largely self-taught. When I began, there was little alternative. Then, there were few teachers or even books on the subject, and no videos at all. But every piece I made taught me something, and still does. Now, woodturning has become a popular hobby, with much more support for people starting out. I enjoy giving woodturning lessons both in my own workshop and at the Camden Town Shed.

As a member of the North London Woodturners club, I occasionally give demonstrations there on subjects including tool making and sharpening turning tools (something that can cause a lot of difficulties for beginners), as well as turning projects.

Contact Terry Vaughan:

Terry Vaughan, 17 Ashbourne Avenue, Whetstone, London, N20 0AL

Email: tvaughan1234@aol.com

Tel: 07496 021531, including evenings and weekends.


Some kind comments from a customer:
Both Sarah and I want to send you our enormous thanks for the absolutely stunning bowls and pears you made for us. You will remember that we lost the very ancient pear tree that had stood in our garden for decades. We wanted to remember the one that had gone so I brought you over a car full of large pieces from the tree. We had to wait for the wood to dry out and be ready for you to work on. But the wait was worth it. Not only did you make us a selection of various size bowls but you made four of the most exquisite pears.  The largest of the bowls complete with the 4 pears is and always has been in pride of place in our sitting room. We often look at it and delight in both the memory and the feel of the pieces in our hands. You saved it for us so a piece of my childhood will forever remain with me. Wood is beautiful, the tree was beautiful and it is still with us thanks to your love of wood, your skill and your care.
You are quite rightly very proud of your work and your workshop, I was so grateful that you gave the time to not only show it to me but let me have a go too! So thanks again, Terry.


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  1. I had a lovely afternoon with Terry in his shed. That sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? But his shed is the workshop where magic happens and he spent that afternoon telling me how it’s done. Could I do it again, on my own? Well, I think I need to start practising, however he made it seem very easy and I came out with a beautiful elm bowl which I know would look fine in any shop as I have bought similar stuff myself! I thoroughly recommend this course. Now I need to start looking at lathes!

  2. I gave my husband a bowl making class for two as a Christmas present, and we’ve just had the most brilliant day making two gorgeous and very different bowls. The blurb says “You will be amazed at its quality” and we really are! We can’t stop looking at and touching our bowls, and can’t believe we could make something so beautiful with no prior experience. Terry is a very patient and generous teacher and we learnt loads. I’d thoroughly recommend the class.

  3. This past weekend I had a great day with Terry in the shop. I made two bowls over the day and really enjoyed every minute. He is a very patient and skilled teacher. I am now contemplating building a wood turning shed in the garden. I will be back for some additional tutoring. Thanks Terry!

  4. I had a wonderful, inspiring day with Terry yesterday and came away with my first turned bowl in characterful elm. I’m lucky enough to have a lathe but it sits at the end of my workshop surrounded by other tools and bits of wood, very much neglected. That’s all going to change.
    There’s a lot to learn and much practise will be required to get anywhere near Terry’s high standard of craftsmanship but I’ll give it a go. Terry was extremely patient and encouraging as I struggled to get those nice smooth cuts, and in the end I came away with a bowl to be proud of.
    Thank you Terry, I think you may see me again

  5. My wife bought the one to one course for my birthday, it is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the best presents i have ever received.
    The course was so well structured from tuition to letting me have my own time on the lathe.
    I finished with a delightful bowl that i am very proud of.

  6. This was such a wonderful experience. I booked a bowl making class for two as a Christmas present for my partner and I – we both love making things and generally being creative, and wood-turning is something we’ve been keen to try for a while. We had the most fantastic day under Terry’s expert guidance and came home with two incredibly beautiful wooden bowls that we are very proud of. We love how unique they are and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process – we learnt so much! Terry was clear in his explanations, patient, methodical and also encouraged our own imagination and ideas. Thank you so much and all the very best.

  7. Two of us spent a wonderful day with Terry in his workshop, making a bowl each. Terry’s friendly, thoughtful and expert approach made the day accessible, informative, and of course most importantly fun. We each came away with a beautiful bowl feeling very proud of ourselves, and having learnt a new skill to boot!

  8. I have wanted to find a practical hobby for some time and settled my thoughts on either furniture restoration or wood turning. I struggled to find any available courses ( especially during the Covid times) until I came across Terry via web searches and am so glad I did!
    To avoid the potential embarrassment of being a complete ham fisted novice in a group class I booked a one-on-one bowl turning session with Terry. I have come away not only with a lovely turned applewood bowl but also a strong desire to learn more about this fascinating hobby and develop a new skill set.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering taking up wood turning to start with an individual session with Terry who is hugely experienced, skilled and ( crucial for me) patient with the novice.
    Thank you Terry and I hope to keep in touch.

  9. Long overdue review, but cannot recommend Terry highly enough. I booked a bowlmaking class for two as a surprise for my boyfriend’s birthday. Terry was patient, kind, and clearly extremely knowledgeable. We learned a lot about the art of master woodturning in addition to the ‘beginner’ project that took us many hours to complete. He served us tea and good conversation, and had answers to all of our questions, as well as correcting our (many) errors along the way. He also let us take the lead in crafting the bowls how we wanted; it wasn’t just a formulaic project. Overall, his woodshop was a very pleasant place to spend a day. We both still use our lovely wooden bowls (mine for jewelry, his for cuff links.) When showing mine to family and friends, every one of them was surprised by the quality of the piece. If you’re on the fence about whether to book a class, do it — you won’t regret it.

  10. I attended on of Terry’s courses and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I found Terry to be extremely friendly, immensely knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. I particularly appreciated how patient Terry was throughout the process. He has a skill of explaining all the technical intricacies of the process in a way that makes it much easier for a beginner. I came away from the course with a bowl I am really proud of and it has revived my interest in wood turning.

    I would recommend this course to anyone, you will not find a better and more passionate teacher than Terry.

    Many thanks and all the best.

  11. I just took Terry’s wood turning class and it was fantastic. He is a kind, patient, and incredibly knowledgable instructor. He made sure everything was safe and that I made the bowl of my dreams. He knew so much about different types of woods and the craft, I loved hearing about it. Highly recommend taking this class for a great experience, and something to take home (as well as a skill!).

    Thank you Terry!

  12. Today my son in law Richard and I met the very interesting Terry Vaughn by virtue of an inventive Christmas present from my daughter. We were both novices and spent a whole day on a woodturning course. I especially found the instruction extremely patient for my skill level. The day flew by with a more than adequate lunch provided and at the end I had 95% made my own unique bowl that I was extremely pleased with. I felt the day a huge success and really worth every penny. I believe my son Dale and son in law Richard are going to book another course. Thats how good it is. Thanks Terry and best wishes to you. Tony and Richard

  13. I attended one of Terry’s course’s last month, Nov 21, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Having done some wood turning eons ago, it was brilliant to get reacquainted with the practice. Terry is extremely patient and diligent in terms of providing all the detailed information needed to understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and what results you’ll achieve. I felt like I had learnt a great deal in a short space of time and came away with some lovely wooden pieces as a reminder of the work done.
    I would highly recommend Terry as a patient and careful tutor who goes at your pace.

  14. We had a really interesting day with Terry turning what we thought were two brilliant bowls (they must have been brilliant because Terry’s exacting eye passed them as ‘good’).

    It was good fun and a mixture of theory and hands-on practical work which kept things moving along during the day. Thanks Terry.

  15. Had a fantastic time doing Terry’s one-day bowl turning course recently. Everything was explained calmly and clearly, and by the end of the day you had a far better feel for, and understanding of the many aspects of this craft, having been given a patient hands-on introduction. Thoroughly recommend it!

    Dylan Freeth, London NW5

  16. I have been looking at wood turning videos on Utube for several months. Decided that this is what I would like to do when I retire. Looks so very easy and simply. Finally decided that I should at least have a go a turning something before going out and buying a load of tools. I found Terry on the internet and booked a day with him for myself and my daughter. What a splendid day we had, Terry has a very soft and effective teaching method. Terry is very knowledgeable and he imparts his knowledge with ease and grace. I would most definitely recommend Terry to anyone who wants to learn wood turning. Terry is a true gentleman. Thanks for a really good day.

  17. Having acquired a lathe, the desire for professional advice and training became clear. Yes, you can ‘learn the hard way’ as I was doing, but I deduce this method of learning it is not only dangerous but I would have wasted a lot of time and wood!

    I spent a full day with Terry yesterday 1:1; I enjoyed it, and learnt a lot. He is a good listener, and is willing to discuss and address any related issues e.g. tool sharpening. He is patient and able to describe, demonstrate, and if necessary guide your own hands to get the required result. If I could remember 30% of what he thought me, I would be very pleased!

    As he says, no experience is necessary to book, but having had a few hours hands on by myself, I was unconsciously doing things inefficiently, poorly, and in some ways dangerously. I am very glad of his tuition, and would not hesitate to ask him for further training, as I may need it going forwards.

  18. I attended the one day course with my son Alex who has learning difficulties although he has had lots of experience on pole lathes with green wood. I have had some turning experience a lifetime ago when I was at school! Our day with Terry was absolutely wonderful, his professionalism and passion for wood turning together with his dissemination of his craft was first class. Not only did we end up with two lovely bowls but had our capabilities bolster so we can confidently approach our next bowl at home. I also attended the sharpening course which I would strongly recommend, this course should not be missed.
    Anyone thinking about wood turning whatever your ability Terry will certainly set you on the right way

  19. I recently attended the Introduction to Bowlmaking with Terry. This was my first time turning wood, and Terry gave excellent guidance. Each stage was clearly explained and Terry made sure you felt ‘in control’ of the tools, but always with his watchful eye keeping you safe and calm. The few hours seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, I was the proud owner of a bowl in apple wood. Thanks Terry for your excellent teaching methods and making the process really enjoyable.

  20. I have many of these exquisite little mice. They are a delight and the recipients are always thrilled. Thank you

  21. Had a one on one course with Terry and learnt a lot.

    I had watched a lot of youtube videos and had made a few items but there is nothing like hand on experience and Terry gave me that. I now have a lot more confidence in what I am doing and hopefully doing it correctly now.

    Many thanks

  22. Had a fantastic day learning the basics of spindle turning with Terry yesterday. I’m looking to bring turned elements into my work and this introduction has given me the confidence to start practising on the lathe and bring turning into my furniture before too long.

    I would highly recommend Terry’s courses even to somebody, like me, for whom turning is completely new and somewhat intimidating. He was patient, reassuring, good humoured and always knew exactly why I was going wrong.

    Having had just a few hours’ tuition, I have a decent understanding of how the most common turning tools are used, and can turn beads, coves and tapers, albeit not yet up to a saleable standard! All that’s needed now is a lot of practice…

    Thanks Terry!

  23. I have just had a most enjoyable afternoon with Terry ( July 2019 )
    I am a complete novice at wood turning and have poor DIY skills but with Terrys patience , humour and teaching skills I was able to make an oak bowl to a standard that exceeded all my expectations and when I presented the bowl to my wife that evening she was amazed !!
    If you are a complete beginner and want to learn these skills or just do something different I cannot recommend Terry more highly .I was particularly impressed by his depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure that the standards were kept high even for a beginner like me .
    I intend to go on and investigate with Terrys help the art of sharpening and have already started to plan my workshop in my shed so I can expand my knowledge and skill
    Thanks again Terry

    Dave , Leighton Buzzard

  24. I attended a 1 to 1 introduction to wood turning course in June 2019. Guidance and instruction from Terry enabled me to gain a real understanding of the skills and techniques required for bowl making. It was a pleasure to receive advice and benefit from Terry’s experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would certainly recommend this course to anyone wishing to make a start in wood turning and bowl making.

  25. This is my third order of these beautiful wooden mice. Thankyou so much they are a delight

  26. Wanted to thank Terry for my beautiful mice trio, they are adorable,should have ordered more, as my daughter will have her eye on these.
    Terry is so skilled, wish I lived in London to have a go.
    Wood is wonderful.

  27. I attended Terrys class in The Men’s Shed in Camden in November and absolutely loved it, so much so that I went out and bought a lathe. When I had the lathe assembled I looked at it and realised that maybe I needed a little bit more instruction before testing it out so booked a private session with Terry.
    What can I say? It was the best money I have ever spent. His patience, his knowledge and his attention to detail made the session very enjoyable and informative.
    I had spent several hours watching YouTube videos but none of this came anywhere near to Terrys class.
    Thank you Terry for a wonderful session.

  28. I’m new to woodturning and woodcraft and loving it. My Dad would be proud as he was a carpenter and cabinet maker as well as a jazz musician. And there is a long tradition of female carpenters in my family. Wonderful to discover your site. Thank you for your generous sharing of knowledge and experience! Wishing you well.

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