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Woodturner Terry Vaughan
Terry Vaughan at the lathe

Welcome to my website! My name is Terry Vaughan, and I live and work in North London, between Finchley and Barnet. Please scroll down this page for my contact details to enquire about my work or turning classes.

I’ve turned wood for well over 40 years, and now that I have retired from my day job I find it’s taking up more of my time. My workshop studio is filled with ever-accumulating shavings, timber, part-finished bowls and the tools I need for my work. First among them is my Titan lathe, with which I make everything from large bowls to the little wooden mice that are some of my most popular products.

I hope you find what you are looking for here, whether you want to buy a wooden bowl, read about them, or you just want information about turning.

I made my first wooden bowl in a woodwork class at school. It was a long time ago, but I still have it. It was made of mahogany, and each of us in the class took our turn on the lathes to scrape and sandpaper our bowls into shape. Mine was a shallow dish, good enough to hold some nuts.

Years later, I built my first woodturning lathe out of scrap steel, and with it made my second bowl from a bit of elm. I still have that one too. I keep nails in it, and every time I see it, it reminds me just how bad a wooden bowl can be! Later, with a better lathe and more experience, I began to make better bowls, until I started selling them. Making for sale develops technical skills, and also improve the turner’s ‘eye’. Now I sell my work on this website.

I particularly enjoy making bowls, because each one is different, and an opportunity to use beautiful timber. But I also like the relaxing routine of  repetitive production turning, provided the batches aren’t too big! In addition to the pieces for sale here, I make stands for facsimile globes. My customer for these makes most of the actual globes.

I’ve learned from other turners whose work has impressed and inspired me. But I am largely self-taught. When I began, there was little alternative. Then, there were few teachers or even books on the subject, and no videos at all. But every piece I made taught me something, and still does. Now, woodturning has become a popular hobby, with much more support for people starting out. I enjoy giving woodturning lessons both in my own workshop and at the Camden Town Shed.

As a member of the North London Woodturners club, I occasionally give demonstrations there on subjects including tool making and sharpening turning tools (something that can cause a lot of difficulties for beginners), as well as turning projects.

Contact Terry Vaughan:

Terry Vaughan, 17 Ashbourne Avenue, Whetstone, London, N20 0AL

Email: tvaughan1234@aol.com

Tel: 07496 021531, including evenings and weekends.


2 thoughts on “Terry Vaughan

  1. I attended Terrys class in The Men’s Shed in Camden in November and absolutely loved it, so much so that I went out and bought a lathe. When I had the lathe assembled I looked at it and realised that maybe I needed a little bit more instruction before testing it out so booked a private session with Terry.
    What can I say? It was the best money I have ever spent. His patience, his knowledge and his attention to detail made the session very enjoyable and informative.
    I had spent several hours watching YouTube videos but none of this came anywhere near to Terrys class.
    Thank you Terry for a wonderful session.

  2. I’m new to woodturning and woodcraft and loving it. My Dad would be proud as he was a carpenter and cabinet maker as well as a jazz musician. And there is a long tradition of female carpenters in my family. Wonderful to discover your site. Thank you for your generous sharing of knowledge and experience! Wishing you well.

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