Wooden mice

Siamese kitten with wooden mice
Our Siamese kitten keeping the mice in order

These cute and collectible little wooden mice are one of my most popular products. They look specially good displayed in small groups. If you buy more than one, there is a saving on postage from combining an order. You can put them on a cheeseboard. One of my customers displayed hers peeping out from a crevice in the old timbers of her house.

I use a variety of different woods, such as holly for the white mice and pine reclaimed from old church pews when making church mice. They all have leather tails and ears.

Wooden mice are great stocking fillers. They are the kind of mice that will be welcome in the home!


There is a lot of natural variation in timber, especially spalted timber,  so no two mice are quite the same, even when made from the same log. But I select the wood so that the mice you receive will be similar to the images you see. Often this limits the supply, so when a batch of mice are gone, I may not be able to make any more like them.


My wooden mouse is just perfect and was exactly the gift that I was looking for. The craftsmanship is second to none and the service impeccable. Thank you very much, I am sure to purchase from you again – Catherine.

My daughter recently purchased for me two of your mice, one in hornbeam and the other in holly – just wanted to let you know I think they are beautiful. I am really pleased with them. Tony

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Showing all 10 results