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All woodturners know the vital importance of sharp tools. Tools in good condition cut the wood freely and are a pleasure to use. They can be used to create crisp, accurate turnings that need little sanding. But beginners often struggle to get sharp and properly shaped tools. Sharpening is an essential skill to learn, because if you can’t sharpen the tools, you can’t turn properly. You can book a tool sharpening class here.

The class provides excellent value. You can bring your own tools for assessment, correct any problems, then take them home to use. For about the price of a single tool, you will have a set of sharp and properly shaped tools and understand how to keep them all in good condition in future. If it’s practicable, you can bring your own sharpening equipment too.

As the only student, you will benefit from true one-to-one tuition.  The class covers the use of sharpening jigs, platform sharpening and freehand sharpening. We can discuss the advantages of each method, as well as the equipment needed. You will work with a bench grinder and we can discuss other methods. You will learn how to make and use the simple set-up devices that make sharpening quick, easy and repeatable.

The sharpening class normally takes approximately two hours.

Arranging the date and time

After payment, please¬†contact me by phone or email to reserve a date and time for the class. You can do that now, or leave it till later if you wish. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about the class or the booking.

The booking is valid indefinitely. If the class has to be cancelled for any reason, it can be rescheduled or the cost can be refunded.

1 review for Book a Sharpening Class

  1. Zito Fonseca (verified owner)

    A very informative two and a half hours plus tutorial for a complete beginner. The pace and patience with which the tutorial went put me at my ease. The little tips given were very handy, but I would recommend that crib notes are taken as a good reminder of the little details that make all the difference.
    I would also recommend that you establish whether it might be a good idea to take your own sharpening setup to the tutorial.

    • Terry

      Thanks Zito. You make a couple of good points. People are welcome to bring their own tools to shape and sharpen. Bringing their own grinder could also be helpful, though it might not be easy to do, and isn’t essential. Having the machine there at the class would enable more detailed discussion of how to make the various setting jigs that make adjusting the grinder so easy.

      And I have now prepared some class notes for people to take away.

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