One day woodturning class



Bowl turning and spindle turning are the two main branches of the craft of woodturning, so I offer half-day classes devoted to each. But if you would like to cover both topics in a single day, you can book this one day class. You will begin the day by making a bowl, because it’s a good introduction to woodturning. Everyone loves a bowl! This part of the class is the same as my half-day bowl workshop. You will then go on to cover the basics of spindle turning. After putting in some practice with the tools, you should be ready to complete a simple project. We shall give a little time to tool sharpening methods too.

Refreshments and a light lunch are provided.

After payment, please contact me anytime to arrange the date. There is no set schedule for these classes, so just suggest some dates that would work for you.

Because there isn’t time in one day for two people to do this class, I can only offer it to one person at a time.


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