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Buffing cord pulls

Today I buffed the latest batch of cord pulls. I turned them a few days ago and  they have been oiled and given enough time for the oil to harden properly in the wood. I use the Beall buffing system. Tripoli first followed by wax. I don’t use the carnauba wax but apply microcrystalline wax from a block as it is more durable, particularly for something like a bathroom light pull that will frequently be wet. I made some in teak, some in oak, and some in plum wood, which have come out very well – the plum has a very rich colour.

I also made some more decorative wooden cones. Some are now ready to finish, but others will need time for the wood to dry before final turning. I removed the centre mark with a dremal cutter and sanding disc, and shaped the point with a chisel by hand.

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