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Getting organised in the workshop

Since my new Titan 315 lathe arrived the workshop has been in chaos. I still have both my old lathes. The Tyme Classic will go off to its new home in the next couple of weeks. Until then it is taking up space and getting in the way. The new lathe is bigger and I have had to move quite a lot of stuff around to make room for it. The process is not yet finished.

I’ve decided I can do without a cut-off saw. Until now I had a cheap Erbauer from Screwfix. I got it chiefly to cut lathe spindle blanks and to make segments for globe horizon rings. It did the former well enough, but was not very accurate for the latter. This was probably at least in part because I did not prepare the blanks well enough before cutting the angles. Its blade had got very blunt and I recently fitted it with a new one. Unfortunately the blade guard shattered when the new blade picked up a small off-cut. Spares are not available for these machines. Rather than replace the saw I have purchased an Incra mitre fence for my table saw. I shall use that instead.

The saw lived on top of one of my homemade chests of drawers. Without it, I was able to stack another chest of drawers on top of that one. It seems to work OK there and the move has given some welcome floor space. But I shall have to re-arrange the drawer contents so that the things I want most often are more accessible. A helpful suggestion from my daughter is to turn the higher drawers upside down so I can see what’s in them from below.

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