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Using Tormek jigs on a high speed grinder

I want to try using Tormek jigs on a high speed grinder, so have been fitting up a new tool rest. I bought a Tormek rest bar and holder that they sell for use on dry grinders. It’s just a bit of welded steel bar and an aluminium clamp for it, a crazy price for what it is. You would think it was part of a NASA rocket. Fitting it was straightforward, I just had to stack up some bits of MDF to get the right height for the clamp.  I fixed the whole assembly next to the dry grinder. I tried various positions and heights on both sides of the grinder. It was important to make sure the jigs cleared the wheel guards and the other tool rest.

I can now use my Tormek jigs on both the dry grinder and the Tormek grinder. It should improve the sharpening of bowl gouges in particular. I find they often need heavier grinding than the Tormek itself is happy with (it can do it, but is fairly slow). I made a couple of setting jigs for the Tormek platform rest. On one setting I can now sharpen my roughing gouge and also my skew chisels. These have a keener grinding angle than the gouge, so I just add a raising block made of MDF.

You can see a review of the Tormek here.

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