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Redwood globe stands, part 4

More work on the redwood stands today. I finished the leg sections, all but the missing one that I am waiting to be sent over from USA. Next job is the eight feet, which are to be 170 mm in diameter and 200 mm long. I cut the first block into three, each 210 mm long, but immediately discovered that it’s very wet internally. You can see the moisture, with a drier layer at the surface. This is a problem, as the blocks may very well split. We shall have to consult the customer, who provided the wood, to see if he wants to go ahead with the turning now, or wait for the blocks to air dry, which will of course take a long time. They will take a long time to complete in any case, as too high a moisture content will interfere with the shellac finish.

Moisture in cut redwood
Moisture shows in fresh cut surface of redwood block
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