Laburnum bowl with a prominent fissure, cut from a forked log


Laburnum bowl cut from a forked log

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A laburnum bowl, 18 cm across. This bowl has one striking feature – a fissure from its rim half way to the bottom. A gap, with a visible line in the grain showing the disturbed growth around a bark inclusion. I cut the timber from a fork in the log, so the trunk and each of the two branches can be traced in the grain. The two branches had partly grown together, enclosing the bark, which was lost during the turning to leave the fissure. It also has a flash of pale sapwood at the rim on each side, and the circular growth rings of a branch. ┬áThe bowl has a raised foot with two decorative beads. Laburnum is a richly coloured wood with contrasting sapwood. This is a special piece.


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