Wooden cord pulls

I make these wooden cord pulls by hand, using attractive hardwoods with good colour and grain. I fit them with a length of the proper braided cord so they are ready to hang in your home. You can use them as light pulls or for blinds. They are much more attractive than the plastic acorns usually seen. A handmade wooden cord pull is the finishing touch for a newly decorated room.


I have recently received a pair of satinwood cord pulls. They are beautifully made and extremely well finished. I am impressed with the quality and amazed at the price. They arrived quickly and were well packed. Excellent product and efficient service. Michael

I have just received my Satinwood Cord pulls, which are truly beautiful. They look gorgeous and  feel unexpectedly sumptuous in the hand.  Thank you for taking the trouble to re-bore the holes to my requirements. I really appreciate such helpful, friendly and speedy service. Rachel

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