Wooden boxes

Turned wooden boxes may have been among the earliest things made on the lathe.  They can hold anything from jewelry to pins to postage stamps. Boxes are often plain and practical, minimalist in design. But they can also be vehicles for complex ornamental turning. Even long ago, turners would often decorate boxes with turned details.

These days a box’s usefulness is often a secondary consideration. There are plenty of mass-produced plastic containers for those who just want a utilitarian receptacle for everyday items. Hand-turned wooden boxes with lids are valued for their own sake, and they are usually made to be things of beauty.

This is why a nicely turned box may be more likely than most wooden items to survive through time. Many examples survive in collections of treen. Their owners treasure them, and a turned box is always a welcome gift.

A box on a shelf may contain almost anything. Who can resist opening it?

The height of each box, including its lid, is specified in the description.


Walnut box with Oak lid. Great. Fast dispatch. Pat

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Showing all 11 results